Are dark circles or hollowing eyes making you look tired, stressed or older? It’s not a surprise – with time and our busy schedules, our eyes take the toll and it shows.

Here at Your Skin Doctors, the most common concern of our clients is looking tired, and we understand that refreshing the eye area refreshes the whole face. Our medical experts are on hand to undertake a thorough consultation and formulate a bespoke personalised plan to revive your eye area and leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated.

What is the tear trough?

The tear trough, known as the under eye area, is a key facial feature that always draws the attention. It is a focal point of the face and it’s unsurprising that many have issues with ageing and under eye bags in this area.

As we age time we lose soft-tissue volume under the eyes, the tear trough hollows and the unsupported skin around the eye starts to sag, wrinkling and forming crow’s feet lines. These changes result in a gaunt hollow eye-socket, a wrinkled appearance around the eyes and dark circles forming, making us look tired and older than we feel.

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What does under-eye treatment involve?

Operations for eye-bag treatment aren’t suitable for all, with significant downtime and cost often putting us off going under the knife. Our non-surgical treatment involves placing a precise amount of specially-designed dermal filler, to add natural volume and structure once more to the tear trough, expertly avoiding a puffy, overdone look.

Our expert doctors always conduct a free consultation and thorough analysis to understand your requirements and personalise your treatment.

Why choose Your Skin Doctors?

  • A free one-to-one consultation with advanced analysis
  • A tailor-made, personalised treatment plan to suit your needs
  • All treatments administered by expert medical doctors only
  • A safe environment with strict medical protocols and premium products
  • A subtle natural look with great results
  • Open access support after all procedures
  • Treatments to suit your timetable, including weekends and evenings
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