A broad or wide jaw is often a symbol of masculinity, and can be problematic for women who want to appear more feminine. An overactive masseter muscle, used for chewing, can lead to overgrowth of this area and a heavy-set jaw. At the Your Skin Doctors, this is a common concern our expert doctors treat, and our jawline treatment has proven to help clients who wish to achieve the more softer and streamlined look.

How can we treat this area?

Wide, square or broad jaws are result of an overactive masseter muscle, used for chewing. Bruxism grinding our teeth (consciously or subconsciously), can cause this muscle to grow in size. At Your Skin Doctors, our medical experts use precise amounts of Botulinum Toxin type A at specific points to temporarily relax the overworked masseter muscles to contour the face. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised tailored treatment plan that gives you excellent natural looking results. To discover if jawline slimming is right for you, book a free consultation with our medical experts today.

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