Unhappy with your filler treatment? Painful or unsightly lumps or bumps? Uneven lips or under-eye filler?

If you have had dermal fillers placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly, then please visit us for a free consultation – Your Skin Doctors is is one of the most referral clinics for the correction of unwanted dermal fillers so you’re in trusted hands.

What is filler reversal treatment?

Inexperienced practitioners commonly over fill lips or cheeks, leaving lumps or worse leaving  them uneven or asymmetrical. After seeking to enhance your features, ironically, these practitioners can leave you with unsightly and upsetting results. At the Your Skin Doctors we understand that correcting these problems is a key part of regaining our confidence. Dermal filler removal at Your Skin Doctors is an advanced procedure which uses a specially-formulated enzyme, called hyaluronidase, to selectively and precisely dissolve undesirable fillers.

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Take advantage of our unique home service and receive a 10% discount on all treatments! Discuss your requirements or book an appointment time convenient for you.

What does treatment involve?

Our expert doctors will conduct a free consultation and thorough analysis to understand your requirements and plan your treatment. At Your Skin Doctors, we can remove or dissolve filler that are uneven, unsightly, or causing discomfort. Our skilled Your Skin Doctors carry out specialised treatments, such as under-eye fillers, that require precision and skill to ensure a great outcome. When these delicate treatments go wrong, we understand the results can be upsetting, and our team are on hand to help.

Why choose Your Skin Doctors?

  • A free one-to-one consultation with advanced analysis
  • A tailor-made, personalised treatment plan to suit your needs
  • All treatments administered by expert medical doctors only
  • A safe environment with strict medical protocols and premium products
  • A subtle natural look with great results
  • Open access support after all procedures
  • Treatments to suit your timetable, including weekends and evenings
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