Whether you seek a striking jawline, dream of a streamlined silhouette or want to achieve that heart-shaped look, facial contouring, or facial sculpting, could be for you. Facial contouring looks at treating the face holistically, redefining facial proportions, whilst adding definition and volume to enhance beauty. At Your Skin Doctors, our expert doctors will undertake an in-depth one-to-one analysis to understand the look you want, and create a personalised treatment plan to addresses your needs.

What is facial contouring?

Facial contouring is a non-surgical procedure to redefine the facial proportions to enhance beauty. At the Your Skin Doctors, your medical expert will use the “golden ratio” of facial beauty as a foundation to enhance, correct and restore the facial beauty to its most appealing whilst giving the face a balanced and natural look.

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What areas can we address?

Your Skin Doctors treat all individuals with a tailored plan based on the look they wish to achieve. We can address areas of concern throughout the face, including defining the jawline, raising the cheekbones, and addressing volume loss and wrinkles around the eyes and lower face. Our medical experts aim to achieve the look you want by treating the face holistically, redefining facial proportions, and adding definition to your features to enhance your beauty.

Why choose Your Skin Doctors?

  • A free one-to-one consultation with advanced analysis
  • A tailor-made, personalised treatment plan to suit your needs
  • All treatments administered by expert medical doctors only
  • A safe environment with strict medical protocols and premium products
  • A subtle natural look with great results
  • Open access support after all procedures
  • Treatments to suit your timetable, including weekends and evenings
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Frequently Asked Questions