Do you worry about how much you’re sweating? Or shower regularly throughout the day? Do you change clothing repeatedly or only wear certain colours or fabrics? Excessive sweating, medically known as ‘Hyperhidrosis’, is sweating beyond the natural requirements to cool the body and can profoundly impact our emotional and psychological mindset, especially when we sweat from the underarms.

At Your Skin Doctors, excessive armpit sweating is a common concern our experts see, and treatment is discreet, quick and effective.

Why do we get excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating affects nearly 5% of the global population, and can impact different parts of our body. There are numerous medical causes include hyperthyroidism, obesity, menopause, anxiety and pregnancy, but when no cause has been identified, this is known as primary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis can start in our youth or after puberty, and can significantly impact our lives, particularly profuse armpit sweating. At Your Skin Doctors, many of our patients find great relief in our treatments, which are safe and clinically proven.

How can we treat hyperhidrosis?

At Your Skin Doctors, our medical experts use precise amounts of Botulinum Toxin type A at specific points to temporarily stop local small muscles in our sweat glands from producing sweat from the pores. Our expert doctors are highly experienced in treating hyperhidrosis and always conduct an initial consultation to determine the type of hyperhidrosis you have and learn how sweating is affecting you. After a thorough analysis to understand your requirements, we can begin to plan a personalised treatment tailored to your needs. To find out more, book here for a free consultation.

Am I suitable for treatment?

As medical doctors, we recognise that those suffering with excessive sweating can be debilitating. You may find spend countless hours worrying about how much you’re sweating, or dealing with the effects – applying antiperspirants, placing napkins under your arms, showering, changing often or wearing layers of dark clothing. Sufferers also notice physical effects, with bacterial and fungal overgrowth common. Many sufferers avoid meeting others, impacting their social and professional life, causing emotional and psychological problems.  If any of these symptoms are familiar to you, then you may be a suitable candidate for treatment. At Your Skin Doctors, many of our patients find great relief in our treatments, which are safe and clinically proven.

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