Gummy Smile describes how some people smile and their upper lip elevates too far above their upper teeth, exposing their gums and sometimes causing discontent with smiling. There are a few reasons for this, including a thin upper lip or that that the muscle that causes the upper lip to rise is too active.

Thankfully, treating gummy smiles is simple and effective, utilising Botulinum toxin injections (sometimes called Botox) injections to relax the muscle that lifts the upper lip.

What is the procedure?

To correct a gummy smile, we inject a small amount of botulinum toxin at either side of the nose and nose to mouth fold to relax the muscle. There’s very minimal discomfort which resolves within a few days and within two weeks you will be smiling broadly and with confidence.

If a gummy smile is affecting your confidence, this quick and simple treatment could be for you. Come and make an appointment to discuss with your expert further.

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