Forehead lines are often the earliest signs of ageing we notice. With every expression we make – surprise, shock, concentration and laughter, we tend to use our forehead muscles. As we use these muscles, the skin creases and relaxes

Over time, and with environmental factors such as smoking or sun exposure, these creases etch into the skin forming obvious wrinkles.The most effective way to treat forehead lines, is to stop them before they form and become obvious. We do this using anti-wrinkle injections, known popularly as botox.

How can forehead lines be treated?

When we inject into a specific muscle in the face it blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle. This means that the nerve ending cannot tell the muscle to move, hence there will be less wrinkling of the skin in the areas treated.

The upper third of the face is where the best treatment results are obtained, commonly for the reduction in crow’s feet around the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Depending on the area treated, the dose used, and how you respond, repeat treatments will be required around every 3 – 6 months.

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