Grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw, known medically as bruxism, is commonly done subconsciously – when we’re stressed or asleep. Bruxism can also affect us whilst we’re awake, again often unknowingly whilst we are concentrating or anxious.

At Your Skin Doctors, we often see clients where bruxism has become problematic, often causing jaw pain or discomfort. Clients also complain of headache, earache, and shows signs of wear and tear in their teeth. Fortunately, at Your Skin Doctors, our medical experts can quickly and easily treat bruxism.

How can we treat this area?

Grinding our teeth causes our masseter muscle to become overactive and grow, leading to pain around the jaw and surrounding areas. At Your Skin Doctors, our medical experts use precise amounts of Botulinum Toxin type A at specific points to temporarily relax the overworked masseter muscles to relieve the pain. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised tailored treatment plan that gives you excellent results. If bruxism is causing you problems, book a free consultation with our medical experts today. 

Am I suitable for treatment?

Treatment is a safe and clinically proven to help those who wish to relieve the discomfort associated with grinding teeth. Our expert doctors always conduct a free consultation and thorough analysis to understand your requirements and personalise your treatment.

How long is the treatment?

Treatment only takes 20 minutes and we often see results that last up to 4 months. We recommend regular top ups to prolong the effects of treatment and remain symptom free.

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